Venture Philanthropy

At FS Wealth Advisor, we make our long years of expertise count to deliver social value. We support nonprofit organizations and social enterprises in their quest to make a lasting impact by providing them with the monetary resources needed to advance their initiatives.

Following this approach, FS Wealth Advisor combines venture capital with traditional grant-making to offer customized financial solutions to those who devote their work entirely to the benefit of disadvantaged social groups or environmental issues.

By using the same principles we usually apply to startup funding, we help social ventures to achieve scalability and build capital. Instead of profit, we care about the progress of innovative and creative solutions that aim to improve lives and the world we live in.

Our engagements are typically designed for periods of three to six years. During this time, the grantees strive to be actively involved in the organization’s development and closely monitor its performance to be able to make necessary adjustments along the way.