Our Solutions for Investors

We build on our clients’ wealth through a variety of investment solutions that we tailor to suit the individual circumstances and demands. We do this by following our proven internal standards for investing with a focus on personalization, active management, and risk control.

Investment Management

The high-quality of our investment management solutions stems from the long years of experience and expertise our advisors have accumulated throughout their successful careers. Their strong research capabilities and knowledgebase empower us to identify exciting opportunities and ventures that tap into macro-economic trends and provide superior performance over the long term.

We take great pride in being trusted with creating and managing the portfolios of our clients. To cater to their individual requirements and expectations as investors, we consider a wide range of investment options from diverse asset classes and international regions. Ultimately, our decision-making aims to reflect the risk tolerance and desired outcomes our clients envision.

To live up to our service promise, we closely monitor the performance of our clients’ portfolios and actively respond to unsought developments. Besides frequent reports, we continually inform our clients about any changes we make to their investments and update them on significant decisions and consequences.   

Offshore Investments

As an offshore investment specialist, we assist clients in identifying the most beneficial ways to invest their assets in other countries. Whether you are planning to relocate, live abroad as an ex-pat, or are looking to exploit attractive opportunities in overseas markets – our professional experts are adept at tailoring suitable solutions for you.

FS Wealth Advisor consults clients on complex international taxation rules and on reputable strategies to manage their liabilities and preserve the value of their assets. We help you select the best investment options from a variety of offshore funds and trusts to ensure your financial commitments align with your current living situation as well as your future plans.

We combine our extensive research and in-depth analysis of international investment opportunities with professional guidance on country-specific regulations. In this way, we are uniquely qualified to support our clients with managing their finances and diverse portfolios across different offshore locations while helping them to mitigate related risks.

Financial Planning

Achieving financial security requires forward-looking planning. FS Wealth Advisor helps you to find answers to every future scenario that may unfold throughout your lifetime to give you comfort and peace of mind. With proficient financial planning, you are ready to overcome every major challenge and can confidently embrace what life gives you day-by-day.

We take a structured approach to organizing your finances and match you with a personal advisor who will guide you through every aspect of your wealth that may have a major impact on your and your family members’ life choices. Our focus is on helping you understand the future consequences of the decisions you take today, whether this relates to big investments, pension plans, or the transfer of your wealth.

By carefully assessing your current lifestyle needs, your retirement expectations, and how you want to provide for children and grandchildren, our financial planning service aims at developing a sound framework for your lifelong financial demands. We recommend proven strategies that align with our clients’ individual priorities and are able to retain the maximum value of their assets.